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Are You Having a Bad Day?


Sorry to email you at 3am, but I am pondering a weird question: Why do we sleep? It seems a waste of time. Why did G-d create us in a way that we get tired and need to sleep? Wouldn’t life be much more productive if we could just keep going?


Sleep can be very inspirational. Everything in G-d’s world has a lesson to teach us, and even sleep can be used as a tool for spiritual development.

Imagine how life would be if we didn’t sleep. If we were constantly awake, our entire life would be like one long day.

What if you had a really bad day? You would be stuck in it forever.

We all have those days that just nothing goes right, we are in a rotten mood and it seems the world is out to get us. But we can survive those days knowing that there’s always tomorrow. Just hang in there for a few more hours, you’ll get home, get to sleep, and tomorrow you will wake up a new person.

If you never slept, never shut down your system, your thoughts would be one long thread, your mood would be a constant stream and your life would always remain on the same trajectory, from the day you were born until the day you die. But sleep breaks your patterns and allows you to change the path of your thoughts, your mood and even your life direction.

Before going to bed you can determine that tomorrow is going to be different, and when you wake up you have the chance to reinvent yourself, as if you have received a new soul.

Having a bad day doesn’t mean you have a miserable life. Hold on a bit longer, push your way through it, and then go and get some sleep, so you can wake up to the new you.

Good night,
Rabbi Moss

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