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Israel Reveals its Secret Weapon

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Question of the Week:

I am feeling helpless and down about the Jewish situation in the world. Israel is surrounded by enemies who try to kill us, and a world that demonizes us for defending ourselves. The media only tells the other story, and antisemitism is back in fashion. We are completely outnumbered on all sides. I am sitting here miles away from Israel, and I feel there is nothing I can do to fight this. Is there any way I can make a difference?


Israel has a secret weapon. And we are seeing it being used in this conflict for perhaps the first time.

This weapon is so powerful, it makes Israel impenetrable, and the Jewish people untouchable. No enemy can withstand it, and no one else has it.

The secret weapon is unity. The Jewish people are one. This gives us the edge over our opponents. The more united we become, the stronger we are.

Jews are great debaters. We don’t agree with each other all that often. But in this conflict, there is a broad consensus. The Jews of the diaspora are one with the Jews of Israel. The numerous Israeli political parties are of one voice, supporting the government and army of Israel. There is a current of solidarity that has swept over the Jewish people like never before.

It started with the kidnapping of the three boys, when the Jewish people held its collective breath and prayed for their safe return. We all mourned their loss like one big family, and we feel the same about every soldier that is sent to war.

This unity cannot exist amongst our enemies. Hatred is not a unifying force. While different factions may work together on a common goal, they do not truly unite. Each is out for its own self-interest. So they stand as lone individuals, against the Jewish nation as a whole. It is they that are outnumbered, not we.

You ask if there is something you can do for Israel right now. There is. It may not be easy. But I will suggest it anyway.

You have told me you have a brother who you don’t speak to. I am sure there are good reasons why. But we can’t afford any divisiveness now. Pick up the phone and make peace with your brother. Bring unity where there was division. This is what Israel needs from you now.

The timing is perfect. This week we commemorate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem some two thousand years ago. The cause of that downfall was the infighting and factionalism among the Jews themselves. That is our only real enemy. When we conquer that enemy and stand united, as a people and as a family, we are invincible.

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Moss

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