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NEFESH DA photomontage REVISEDNefesh has seen a significant growth in its membership over the past few years. We are lucky to have the support of many people within the community and have many more wanting to join our growing congregation.

In the past few months we have been busy putting together a long term plan for Nefesh that will ensure the longevity of our congregation.

In doing so we have formed a new company, achieved tax status as a registered charity, have been negotiating a long term lease with Machzika HaTorah community and have initiated drafting a development application to build a second floor for our new school and foundations to renovate the synagogue and to accommodate our growing congregation.

As part of the DA process our architect, Alex Smith, has helped us put together a plan to be submitted to Waverley Council in the coming months. Drawings are presented below for you to review. Alex has extensive experience with Council and his design maximises the land space while being realistic. If you have any comments please let the office know by Friday 25 October 2013. Once all comments are received we will have Alex Smith review the plans prior to making a submission to Council.

In general terms Nefesh will comprise of the following:

1. The first and existing floor to be used as our shul;
2. A second floor that will be used solely for our classrooms and schooling facilities with separate access;
3. A rooftop mezzanine type area that we may use for Sukkah, kids programs and other education functions; and
4. An amenities floor, half a floor below the first floor, which will include storage, kitchen facilities and amenities.
Please note:

- each floor has accessible bathrooms
- the main kitchen is below ground, and the second floor has a kitchenette to faciliate the classrooms and teachers
- the seating shown below is for visual purposes only, and will not be the seating we use
- two options for the facade are presented in the first two drawings below, please give your feedback which you prefer

It is a very exciting time for Nefesh and our new school and I look forward to receiving any comments you may have. Please email me if you want to view more detailed plans.

Best regards,
Rabbi Moss